Starting A Business


Well you've decided to live in Livingston and go into business for yourself - a life long dream and a grand place to develop that dream.

The following sequence of events will insure that your business gets off to a great start without hassles.

Starting a business in Livingston -

What's required:

  1. Fire Inspection - Done by appointment only.  Please contact the Fire Inspector at (406) 224-0542 for an appointment.
  2. City of Livingston Safety Inspection Certificate.
  3. Sanitation Inspection - For food and drink vendors only.
  4. Contractors - Proof of State Registration, Worker's Compensation coverage and proof of liability insurance.
  5. Zoning must be appropriate for district where business will be - this can be approved by the City Building/Planning/Code Enforcement Director at (406) 222-4903.
  6. Home Occupation businesses must be approved by the City Building/Planning/Code Enforcement Director.
  7. Safety Inspection Certificates are due on January 1st and are good until December 31st of the same year.  Certificates are not pro-rated.  The inspections will be conducted by the Livingston Fire Department throughout the year.
  8. Grace period for buying certificates is until January 31st of the current year (except for alcohol; they must be purchased by January 1st).  Certificates not purchased by the end of the grace period will have a $10.00 per month interest charge not to exceed the total amount of the certificate.
  9. Doing business in the City of Livingston without a certificate could cost the business up to $500 in fines.

Who needs a business license:

All businesses that operate in the City limits are required to obtain a Business License/Safety Inspection Certificate.

If you don't operate a business within a store front, you may be required to get a Specialty Business License.  These types of business could include:

  1. Sidewalk vendors;
  2. Non-resident vendors;
  3. Non-resident merchants; and,
  4. Resident and non-resident service providers.

If you are selling or serving alcohol you are also required to get an Alcoholic Beverage License.

All fees are listed on the business license application located at the top right hand side of this page.

Full Ordinance language -Click here

If you are not sure if you need a business license, please contact the Building / Planning Director at (406) 222-0083..





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City Business Application

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Please fill out the application and return to:
City of Livingston
110 South "B" Street
Livingston, MT  59047

If you have any questions relating to opening and/or operating a business please call Jim Woodhull, Building/Planning Director at (406) 222-4903.




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