MLCT 5K Run / Walk

The second annual Montana League of Cities & Towns 5k, held as part of the MLCT Annual Meeting, October 5th - 7th, 2011, was a great success.  The City of Billings provided great weather and a challenging course - the participants added a spirit of fun and fellowship.  As a result, funds were raised toward completion of the 'Rims' trail that served as this year's course.  A big thanks to Mayor Tom Hanel, and Robin Hanel, and all of our volunteers from the Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority!  Likewise, to Assistant City Manager Bruce McCandless for keeping a reign on all of the details!

Chris Kukulski (City Manager, Bozeman) is our overall First Place finisher - at 22:48 - and Melissa Widseth (TD&H Engineering) our Second Place finisher - at 24:31!!

Below are pictures from the MLCT 5k Run / Walk 2011

MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_003_2_.jpg MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_006.jpg MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_007.jpg
MLCT_5K_Oct_5_011.jpg MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_012.jpg MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_013.jpg
MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_018.jpg  MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_021.jpg  MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_022.jpg 
MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_025.jpg  MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_024.jpg  MLCT_5K_Oct_5_2011_028.jpg 


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