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The City of Livingston endeavors to obtain quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable cost, while striving to operate at the highest standards of ethical conduct. The list below indicates all of the Bids and Request for Proposal/Qualification processes that are open at this time. More information regarding any of these items may be obtained by contacting the Finance Department at 406-823-6003

January 28, 2020.

 Notice is hereby given that the City of Livingston will accept bids for the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), until 5:00 p.m., February 29, 2020.

 On April 23, 2015, by Resolution No. 4556 the City Commission, of the City of Livingston, Montana, designated the Livingston Area Chamber of Commerce as the Local Convention and Visitors Bureau in Livingston.  15-65-122

 The mission of the CVB is to develop a strong business climate and vibrant economy by serving the community in a leadership role thereby enhancing the quality of life.  The CVB is responsible for the marketing and promotion of events, visitors and business travel, which generates overnight lodging for Livingston. The CVB is directly responsible for travel and tourism “product awareness” to Livingston visitors.


 Interested parties must be agreeable to abide by the Montana Office of Tourism Regulations and Procedures, governing CVB Tourism Organization's use of Lodging Facility Use Tax Revenue, found at

 Submittals shall include the following for approval and recognition:

 Proof of registration as a not-for-profit corporation, with active standing, registered with the Montana Secretary of State.

  1. Proof of not-for-profit exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Federal identification number.
  3. Copy of bylaws and articles of incorporation. Bylaws shall reveal that tourism is the purpose or part of the purpose of the organization.
  4. Open access to all meetings related to any expenditures of lodging facility use tax revenue, as required by law.
  5. Current CVB's shall present a duly passed resolution from the governing body of their city giving support to the CVB for recognition by the Council.
  6. Recognition may be revoked of any organization, which fails to comply with the law/rules/regulations governing the distribution of lodging tax revenue.
  7. Additional requirements include the capability to meet time and budget requirements, location, recent and projected workloads, related experience on similar projects and recent and current work for the City.

 Bids should be clearly marked “Convention and Visitors Bureau Bid” and directed to the City of Livingston, 414 East Callender St. Livingston, MT 59047.  Bids will be opened on March 2, 2020, at 10:30 AM.

 The City of Livingston reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any informality in bids, to accept in whole or part such bid or bids that may be deemed in the best interests of the purchaser.

Michael J. Kardoes, City Manager


Faith Kinnick
City Clerk


 The advertisement must be published as provided in 7-1-4127, and the second publication must be made not less than 5 days or more than 12 days before the consideration of bids. If the advertisement is made by posting, 15 days must elapse, including the day of posting, between the time of the posting of the advertisement and the day set for considering bids.





The City of Livingston has a Local Vendor Preference policy, to give some preference to local vendors and service providers:

  • If the purchase price is within 5% of the purchase price (of a non-local vendor), for purchases less than $5,000.00
  • If the purchase price is within 2% of the purchase price (of a non-local vendor), for purchases more than $5,000.00

Note: The City Manager reserves the right to waive this requirement with regard to the purchase of professional services (such as legal, engineering, consulting, etc) when its application creates an Undue Hardship upon the financial and/or operational systems of the City of Livingston.

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