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The City of Livingston is applying for grant funding from the Montana Department of Commerce, Treasure State Endowment Program and the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Renewable Resources Grant and Loan Programs for infrastructure upgrades to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant.  

The City of Livingston is seeking Public Review & Comment of the Environmental Assessment for the proposed upgrade to the Water Reclamation Facility/Wastewater Treatment Plant is available for public review and comment. Please send your comments using the “Email Us” link on the website (http://www.livingstonwrf.com/). Commentswill be received until April 19th, 2016 prior to the City Commission vote to approve the EA on April 19th, 2016.


The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located just East of the Building & Utility office. It treats approximately 800,000 gallons of sewage per day with the capability to treat 2.0 million gallons per day.
Solvents, petroleum based oils and greases are not handled by the WWTP.  These substances can eventually make their way to the Yellowstone River, which is a violation of our discharge permit. The State of Montana and the Environmental Protection Agency have very strict guidelines on what enters the Yellowstone River. So in short, to keep our plant running properly if you want to dispose of something you're just not sure of, please call us first. Thank you!

The City of Livingston Waste Water Treatment Plant has just completed the first phase of a three phase upgrade.  This 1.4 million dollar rehab is in its completion stage consisting of a new headworks building which eliminates rags and grit entering the treatment system.

sewer plant

A new ultraviolet disinfection system was also installed to eliminate disease causing coliforms. The ultraviolet system replaces chlorine for disinfection.

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As always only flush material that are   bio-degradable and biological friendly.  Oils, solvents, greases, anti-freeze, etc…are NOT acceptable substances in the sewer lines and will NOT process at the sewer plant.  Ask the Livingston Utility Department, 222-5567, where to dispose of these products.  PLEASE NEVER FLUSH DIAPERS OR ANY KIND OF CLEANING WIPES.  Thank you for keeping our environment safe and clean.

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