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Below is a link to a tree inventory of the trees that grow on public property in the City of Livingston.  The initial inventory was made possible by a grant from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) Urban Forestry Grant Program for $5,200 to prepare a community wide tree inventory.  A forestry student from the University of Montana, did an internship during the summer of 2009 and cataloged over 4,000 trees. This inventory is updated annually when trees are removed or new trees are planted. 

An additional grant from the DNRC will be funding a second complete inventory of all City trees during the summer of 2014. Once finished, the updated inventory will be available on this webpage. If you know information about a tree in this inventory that needs to be updated please either email or call the Livingston Public Works Department at (406) 222-5667 or email  If you have a tree that you suspect may be dead please fill out these two forms click here & click here to have our Parks Department review it.

Tree Resources:
City of Livingston 2015 Urban Forest Management Plan
2014 City Tree Inventory
Trees Suitable & Not Suitable for planting in Public Right-of-Ways
Application for Permit To Plant Trees on Public Street Right Of Way
Application for Removal/Trimming/Pruning of Trees on Boulevard
Tree Inventory Map - Click Here!

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