Take Home Vehicle Policy

The City of Livingston has a policy of assigning some of its municipal fleet to key staff, on a 'take-home' basis.  A 'take-home' vehicle assignment means that the staff member is  permitted to drive the vehicle from home/to work; rather than leaving the vehicle at a city work site.  The purpose of a 'take-home' vehicle assignment is to decrease the response time required when personnel are called to work for an after-hours emergency.  Rather than drive to work, pickup the vehicle/equipment, and then respond - the employee can respond directly to the emergency location.  By shortening the response time, the City hopes to mitigate any personal injury, and or property damage, that might result in the emergency situation.  Examples of such situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Water line break that threatens flooding to nearby residences or businesses.
  • Sewer line backup that has infiltrated a residence or business.
  • Command response with the Police or Fire Department.

Each staff member that is assigned a 'take-home' vehicle must pay additional payroll tax (calculated according to Internal Revenue Service guidelines) for their personal use of the vehicle (travel to home/work).

Employees on call my be permitted to take a vehicle home but shall not permit members of family or others to travel in City owned equipment unless specifically authorized in advance by the Department Head and/or the City Manager.



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