Presently, we staff 4 shifts of 3 personnel which work 24 hours on and 72 hours off. The Chief works 8-5 Mon-Fri, the EMS Director works 7-4 Mon-Thurs and the Fire Inspector/Training Officer works 7-4 Tues-Fri.

Positions within our organization:

• Fire Chief
• EMS Director
• Fire Inspector/Training Officer
• 4 Captains
• 8 Firefighters
• 17 reserve firefighters


Full time staff


EMS Director  Kevin Harrington

jer retake

Interim Chief Jeremy Jacobsen

patty pic

Captain/Medic Pat Walker

Chris pic

Firefighter/AEMT Chris Bruha

 Andy pic

Captain/Medic Andy Marlowe

mike pic

Captain/Medic Mike Chambers


 nate capt

Captain/Medic Nate Wulf

 lyd pic

Firefighter/Medic Lydia Juhnke

  seth pic

Firefighter/Medic Seth Rivard

josh retake

Firefighter/Medic Josh Pierce

 torsten retake

Firefighter/Medic Torsten Prahl

jason pic

Firefighter/Medic Jason Cajune


Firefighter/Medic Rick Shifley 


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Reserve staff 

 john pic

Reserve Chief John Russell 

   Cara pic

Reserve/EMT Cara Russell 

   jim pic

Reserve/medic Jim Driver 

  Lance Gray

Reserve/medic Lance Gray 


Reserve Clint Juhnke 


Reserve/RN Dan Jentges 

 glen pic

Reserve/EMT Glen Boren 


Reserve Jerome Rusdal 

wil pic

Reserve/EMT Wil Ferguson 

jon pic

Reserve/EMT Jon Whiting 


Reserve/EMT Kristen Carlin


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