Special Events Application

The City of Livingston has adopted a "special events policy" in order for private and public organizations desiring to organize or sponsor gatherings of people on public property for a special purpose, to use its parks and facilities.

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The "Special Events Policy" was established by Resolution No. 2874 (2-17-98) and requires that an application by "submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event."  Although the administration has attempted to be accommodating to late requests, this practice introduces unnecessary confusion to the review/approval process.

The administration will strictly follow the 30 day requirement, in addition:

  • Special Event Applications will be available for pickup at both the City/County Complex, Public Works Building and the Civic Center.  However, all applications must be returned to the Administrative Services Director, Lisa Lowy, 229 River Drive (Civic Center)
  • A Special Event Application will not be submitted to the City Commission for action, unless the required insurance documents are attached and all departments have reviewed and signed-off.
  • The Department of Public Works will keep a central reservations calendar for all city facilities utilized through the Special Event process, however, an event will not be placed on the reservations calendar until the Special Event Application has been given final approval by the City Commission.  Until final approval is given, any information provided by staff, regarding date availability, should be considered advisory only.
  • Once approved, any modifications in location/date/time, or other significant details of the event will require the notice and consent of the City Commission.

Any questions should be directed to the Administrative Services Director, Lisa Lowy, 406-823-9870


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Special Event Application

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Please print the above application and return to:

Lisa Lowy, Administrative Services Director
Civic Center
229 River Drive
Livingston, MT  59047
(406) 823-9870



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