Quarterly Reports

The Finance Department issues reports to the City Commission in at the following intervals throughout the year:

  • 1st Half of the Year
  • 3rd Quarter
  • 4th Quarter

These quarterly reports are to inform the City Commission of the financial progress of the Fiscal Year.  The reports also include any budget amendments that may be necessary.  

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Finance Contact Information:

Paige Fetterhoff
Chief Finance Officer
110 South "B" Street
Livingston, MT  59047
(406) 823-6003

1st Half of FY 2014

2nd Half of FY 2013

1st Half of FY 2013

4th Quarter FY 2012

3rd Quarter FY 2012

1st Half of FY 2012

4th Quarter FY 2011

3rd Quarter FY 2011

1st Half of FY 2011

4th Quarter FY 2010

3rd Quarter FY 2010

1st Half of FY 2010


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