Snow Plowing and Sanding

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Snow Plowing and Sanding
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The Street Department sends out a sanding crew when we receive 1" to 4" of snow. After 4" of snow accumulation or slick conditions exist we plow our Primary Snow Routes.

Secondary Streets: 
We normally do not plow these streets because the act of plowing pushes snow against parked vehicles and approaches blocking them in.

Drifting or Excessive Snow: 
We assess each area in order to keep the streets as safe as possible. During excessive wind a route that was just plowed may be drifted in by the time we have cleared other streets and we must begin to plow the entire route again. During these times the entire Public Works team will work extended hours until the main route is cleared.

Street Sanding: 
We use a mixture of regular sand with an additive called Ice Slicer.  This is an environmentally friendly, low-corrosion de-icing product that helps melt snow and ice quickly.

Snow Plow Route

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