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Infrastructure Improvements

TD&H is designing 5-6 block of water main to replace in 5th and 6th Street.  Repair of one block of sewer main has been designed for the alley between 9th and 10th.

TD&H is working on an estimate for design.

Northside Park and Soccer Fields Fieldhouse

Construction of field house at soccer complex. To include concessions, restroom facilities, meeting, storage and office space.

Frame is up, builders are working on interior as well as getting the building weather proof.

2015 Capital Improvement Project

Water and Sewer lines will be upgraded in alley between Main and B Street from Callender to Geyser.

Williams Construction finished major work on the project and is working on completing punch list items.

Transportation Alternatives Sidewalk Project

Replacing sidewalk approaches at 5th and E street intersections with ADA approved ramps, curb and gutter.

Work has begun on the 5th street intersections.

O Street Trail

Creating a pedestrian and bike trail connecting O Street and the Veterans Bridge.

Stahly Engineering completed the design.  Administration has met with MDT officials to discuss the project.

WRF Upgrades

Upgrading current plant to better treat waste water to meet new DEQ regulations and allow for growth. 

Geotech investigation onsite was recently completed.  TSEP Grant was submitted on May 2nd.  For updates see website at

Sun Ave Sewer and Culvert

Due to inadequate storm drainage the north side of the culvert has experienced a rapid erosion issue and is currently closed to pedestrians.  Using video it was determined that the main has a low spot that needs immediate attention.

TD&H has designed a retaining wall.  Work will begin shortly to correct problems.

Summit Street Repair

Fix Summit Street between Main and B Street by regrading and paving street.

Project is designed.  Funding sources are being looked at.


Matt Whitman
Public Works Project Manager
330 Bennett Street
Livingston, MT 59047

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