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Registered Sexual Offenders
Updated: 4/12/19

State of Montana Sexual and Violent Offender Registration Information is provided below:
Note:  46-23-509 MCA provides for sex offenders to be designated a level 1, 2 or 3.  Violent offenders are not given designations. 
Under this law, the following definitions apply to sex offender designations:
Tier #1 - The risk of a repeat sexual offense is low.
Tier #2 - The risk of a repeat sexual offense is moderate.
Tier #3 - The risk of a repeat sexual offense is high, there is a threat to public safety, and the sexual offender evaluator believes that the offender is a sexually violent predator.  

Billings - Copy

Billings, Shane

Address: 1413 E. Gallatin #8
DOB: 7/17/76
Tier Level: N/A
Registering Offense:  Sexual Assault
Victim Profile:  11 year old female
Vehicle Description:  none

Blaney, Eugene Bradley    
Blaney, Eugene Bradley

Address:  430 N. 'C' Street  #6
DOB:  07/16/42
Tier Level:  N/A
Registering Offense:  Sexual Assault
Victim Profile:  10 year old male
Vehicle Description:  none


Brown, Aaron A.

Address: 105 W. Park St. #206
DOB: 5/22/89
Tier Level: 2
Registering Offense: Sexual Intercourse without Consent

Christian - Copy

Cornwell, Christian B.

Address: 419 S. I St.
DOB: 12/24/1972
Tier Level: n/a
Registering Offense: Possession of Child Pornography

Landucci, Devin

Landucci, Devin D

Address:  1413 E. Gallatin St. #8
DOB:  4/23/96
Tier Level:  1
Registering Offense:  Sexual Intercourse without Consent
Victim Profile:  12 year old Female
Vehicle Description: 1987 Honda Accord; 2011 Ford Fusion

Larrabee, Levi Mitchell

Larrabee, Levi Mitchell

Address: 222 East Clark Street
DOB:  01/30/83
Tier Level: N/A
Registering Offense(s): Sexual Assault, 2 counts
Victim Profile:  2 year old male, 11 year old male
Vehicle Description:  1989 Ford Ranger pickup, light blue in color

Troftgruben, Bojan Joseph

Address: 704 N. 12th St.
DOB: 8/17/1990
Tier Level: N/A
Registering Offense: Sexual Intercourse w/out Consent
Victim Profile: 14 year old female


Watts, Charles Stuart
Address: 106 North "C" St.
DOB 1/09/1954
Tier Level: 2
Registering Offense: Sexual Assault w/out Consent
Victim Profile: 36 year old Female
Vehicle(s): 1993 chevy pick-up
1995 GMC suburban 

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