The City of Livingston strives to maintain the highest level of transparency of any government in the State of Montana by providing electronic versions of the City of Livingston’s budgets, annual financial reports, and other financial data:

Annual Budgets

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs)

and more.

But sometimes, there's nothing quite like being able to examine the data by yourself by viewing charts and graphs or downloading the information into an excel spreadsheet. The City of Livingston has partnered with to assist with providing the citizens of Livingston with just that opportunity.

This web-based financial transparency tool provides unprecedented access to the City's financial information. Within this tool, the City of Livingston is providing historical financial data from 2010 to the current year. Each year following budget approval, a new year of data will be added giving the public a rolling multi-year snapshot of revenue and expenditure trends. In addition, year-to-date monthly data will also be made regularly available.  This site is designed to help you understand how the City spends and receives money. Start exploring and learn about your government.

Get Started!

If you have questions or comments, you can send them to City via the Help menu located at the top right of the screen; there are instructions on how to send an email to City staff in the dropdown menu.
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