Fire Training Facility

"The Livingston Fire & Rescue would like to thank the following organizations for contributions towards the Fire Training Facility":

  1. Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation
  2. Park County Rural Fire District No. 1
  3. Bank of the Rockies
  4. Sky Federal Credit Union
  5. Park County Community Foundation

Livingston Fire & Rescue (LF&R) is proposing to construct a Fire Training Facility in Livingston, Montana. The proposed training facility would be available to mutual aid partners in Park County, as well as other departments throughout the state. One of the main goals of the training facility is to be able to train and certify emergency responders to National Firefighter Certification Levels I and II.  Planning and design of the training facility were based on this concept. After visiting regional facilities and researching other department training facilities via websites and print media, LF&R and Park County Rural Fire District No. 1 (PCRFD) have conceived a facility that will meet LF&R training needs. This structure will be constructed using six 40’ x 8’ ConX containers and will have three levels with burn rooms on two levels. Operations that can be simulated in the structure include, but are not limited to: ropes and knots, fire department communication, fire ground operations, rapid intervention crew, offensive fire attack, flat and pitched roof ventilation, fire behavior and vents, primary search, live burn, salvage, hazardous materials, flammable liquid fires, interior attack, flammable gas fires, energized electrical equipment fires, fire cause and origin, fire prevention and preparedness, equipment maintenance and testing, wildfire, vehicle extrication, and low angle rope rescue.

Items still needed for the facility include:

 Items Needed: Cost 
(3) Three 40' ConX Storage Containers  $13,500 
Construct a Burn Room  $  1,500 
Smoke Generator  $  3,500
(2) Tow Training Mannequins  $  3,000 
Concrete Pad with an Extinguisher Prop  $  2,500 
Portable Generator with Lighting  $10,000 
Miscellaneous props to assist with Search & Rescue, standpipe, hydrant, and breach operations  $  2,000 
Vehicle Prop  $45,000 
Interior/exterior Stairs & Railing

$  8,000

Ventilation System  $    350 
Ground Preparation  $  5,000 
Rehabilitation and Storage Shed  $  6,000
Items Acquired:   
(3) Three 40' ConX Storage Containers $13,500
Ground Preparation and Construction on Facility  $20,000
TOTAL  $133,850

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