I have a question regarding my ambulance bill. 

 Answer:  Livingston Fire does not do the billing. It is contracted to Medwrite in Billings, Mt. Their toll free number is 1-877-209-6223.  They will be happy to assist you in any way.

Who needs a fire inspection?   

 Answer:  All commercial and home businesses within the city limits require an inspection.  

 What is your cities ISO rating?         

Answer: Currently the City of Livingston is rated a 3.

 How many calls did you run last year?         

Answer:  Our stats are kept on a fiscal year calendar which is July 1st  to June 30th. Last year we responded to 258 fire calls and 1,260 EMS calls for a total of 1,518.

 How do I become a reserve firefighter?         

Answer: We have the authority to employ 12 part-time reserves.  Applications to join may be obtained at the fire department.



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