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The City of Livingston is often involved in the generation of reports, studies, surveys, and other documents of importance to the community. Committed to the ideal of operating a transparent government, where public information can be easily accessed by our citizens, we will endeavor to post the most recent and relevant of these items on this page.

If you have difficulty locating a document of interest, or would like to request that an additional item be posted, please contact the Office of the City Manager at 

  1. Livingston Streetscape Design Guidelines (2002)
  2. Rail Road Crossing Feasibility Study HKM Engineering (May 2008)
  3. Downtown Streetscape/Sidewalk Reconstruction Estimate, CTA Engineering (October 2008)
  4. Livingston Streetscape Enhancements Master Plan (April 2009)
  5. City of Livingston 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (December 2009)
  6. Livingston Events & Arts Facility (February 2010)
  7. Hazard Mitigation Plan (September 2011)
  8. Draft Technical Memorandum on Solid Waste Disposal Alternatives for Park County (September 2011)
  9. Livingston Parks & Trails Master Plan (Final) (January 2012)
  10. Livingston Wastewater Facility Plan (March 2013)
  11. CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) (April 2013)

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