Collective Bargaining

The City of Livingston has three separate collective bargaining units with which it negotiates - American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees #2711-A (AFSCME), International Association of Fire Fighters #630 (IAFF), and the Livingston Police Department Employees Association (LPDEA).  In total, there are 60 union employees in the City of Livingston's workforce: 

AFSCME #2711-A = 26 employees;
IAFF #630 = 14 employees; and,
LPDEA = 20 employees.

At this time, the City of Livingston has multi-year contracts with each bargaining unit, links to each of the current agreements are to your right.




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AFSCME #2711-A
(expires 6/30/2016)

IAFF #630
(expires 6/30/2016)

Memorandum's of Understanding
(expires 6/30/20/16)

LPDEA(expires 6/30/2017)

Labor Negotiation Policy - 2014


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