City Manager Responsibilities

City Manager

Livingston, MT - Code of Ordinances
Article I. - Form of Local Government
Sec. 2-1. - Adoption of form of local government.
Part D.  Duties of the Manager

Duties of Manager.
The Manager shall:

1. Enforce laws, ordinances, and resolutions;
2. Perform the duties required of him by law, ordinance, or resolution;
3. Administer the affairs of the local government;
4. Direct, supervise and administer all departments, agencies, and offices of the local government unit except as otherwise provided by law or ordinance;
5. Carry out policies established by the Commission;
6. Prepare the Commission agenda;
7. Recommend measures to the Commission;
8. Report to the Commission on the affairs and financial condition of the local government;
9. Execute bonds, notes, contracts, and written obligations of the Commission subject to the approval of the Commission;
10. Report to the Commission as the Commission may require;
11. Attend Commission meetings and may take part in the discussion, but he may not vote;
12. Prepare and present the budget to the Commission for its approval and execute the budget adopted by the Commission;
13. Appoint, suspend and remove all employees of the local government except as otherwise provided by law or ordinance;
14. Appoint members of temporary advisory committees established by the Manager.

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