Bids & Request for Proposals/Qualifications

The City of Livingston endeavors to obtain quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable cost, while striving to operate at the highest standards of ethical conduct. The list below indicates all of the Bids and Request for Proposal/Qualification processes that are open at this time. More information regarding any of these items, may be obtained by contacting the Administrative Department at 406-823-9870.


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The City of Livingston has a Local Vendor Preference' policy, to give some preference to local vendors and service providers:

*If the purchase price is within 5% of the purchase price (of a non-local vendor), for purchases less than $5,000.00

*If the purchase price is within 2% of the purchase price (of a non-local vendor), for purchases more than $5,000.00

Note: The City Manager reserves the right to waive this requirement with regard to the purchase of professional services (such as legal, engineering, consulting, etc) when its application creates an Undue Hardship upon the financial and/or operational systems of the City of Livingston.


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