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The City of Livingston Solid Waste Department has an efficient and courteous crew serving the needs of the community.  Garbage is collected Monday through Friday.  Please
click here to access a map of the route.  Garbage is picked up on all holidays.  If your normal garbage day falls on a holiday, that's the day it will be picked up.

Please call to find out your garbage pickup day so that you have your container accessable on the correct day.  The garbage collectors start their day early so if possible try to have your can out the night before.  Your can needs to be at least 3 feet from any obstructions (such as cars, buildings, powerpoles, fences, etc.) in order for the automated truck to pick it up.

It is important that the alleys be clear of all debris because our garbage trucks could potentially be damaged by driving over it.  If you have trash that won't fit into your blue can, we are asking that you haul your debris to the transfer station.  Tree limbs also need to be cut at 13 feet above the alleys and streets to allow access for the garbage trucks.

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Each residence will be provided with a large blue can that holds 99 gallons.  To help keep your neighborhood clean and free of debris, please be sure your loose garbage is bagged or contained before being placed in your can and that the lid of your garbage container can close all the way.  If you have large trash you can bring it to the City Transfer Station for an additional charge.  The city is also now offering recycling Effective July 1, 2015, the charge for garbage pickup is $17.57 per month for residential use.  Residents can request extra cans for an additional $17.92 per month.  Business refuse is charged by weight.  There is a base charge of $1.41 and then a charge of $3.68 per 40 lbs per pickup.  This figures out to be $184.00 per ton. 



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According to City ordinance, it is in the interest of good health and sanitation that all premises in the City should receive sanitation service.  No service exemption shall be made.  Charges for refuse disposal shall be made against all lots where refuse accumulates or is likely to accumulate.

For questions call the Utility Office at (406) 222-5667. 

Compost Pile:

Branches, grass clippings, weeds, leaves and garden waste can be brought to the City's compost pile.




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