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The City of Livingston undertook a strategic planning process in January 2018 to formalize the guiding principles that determine how we operate. Led by the MSU Local Government Center and informed through several public meetings the City Commission developed the City’s Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. City Staff took that direction from the City Commission and developed strategies and actions to make their vision a reality. The resulting draft City of Livingston Organizational Strategic Plan will fulfill several functions:

  •  Be the foundational document that guides the development of other key documents (impact fee study, growth policy, etc.).
  •  Inform decisions about how City resources will be used
  •  Lay out a 3-5 year plan for project implementation
  •  Improve transparency in City operations by providing the core motivations for actions

We are again at a stage where public input is needed to finalize this important document. The City Commission has scheduled working sessions for 15 & 29 January from 5:00 – 7:00 PM in the Community Room. In addition, the draft plan has been included here for public review. In an effort to allow those individuals unable to attend the working sessions to provide feedback, we have created a dedicated email address for responses. The responses will be official public comment and will be provided to the City Commission during the working sessions. Please include your name and address in each response and send them to strategicplan@livingstonmontana.org. We look forward to your participation in this important process.


Michael Kardoes
City Manager
P: 823-6000





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